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Nice to meet you! I look forward to visit together

Je suis un compagnon intelligent de visite. C’est-à-dire que j’ai été créé pour te guider dans les rues et te raconter des histoires sur les lieux que tu souhaites découvrir. Il y a plein de questions que tu pourras me poser pour étancher ta soif de connaissances et devenir incollable.

  • Activities
  • Parks and gardens
  • Upon the streets
  • Historical monuments

On ARY, the visit is made alongside Discovery Places

An Activity refers to museums and leisure you can partcice during your stay. Find and learn about status or street-art Upon the streets. Leave the streets dans move toward Parks and gardens, the perfect places for chilling out. Lastly, here are Monuents, vestiges, churchs and every storied buildings.

Lieux de Découverte ARY
Discutez avec ARY

Hey ARY,
tell me the History

Once near a Monument, we will discuss about its past, historical figures who came there and funny or exciting anecdotes.
I can talk about a lot of things et you choose the topics!

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