Armada 2019 by ARY

From June 6th to 16th 2019, all oceans lead to Rouen. So mariner let’s download the Armada official app in order not to miss out on any ships, concerts, activities and events offered to you.

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All the Armada in your hands

The Armada is almost 50 ships, approximately 10 miles of quay, more than 500 shops and activities, about 20 Boat trip and restaurant boat.
How to deal with all those things to do? By following Fernand of course!



The World greatest sailboats and military ships you’ll never see again in your life !



Different shops and activities have been gathered in thematic villages between ecology, sport, floating park, etc.



Ceremonies, parades, races, and Normandy free concerts… all the program is in the App !

Your personal guide at your command

Everything you need to know about the Armada is in the App and realtime updated… so handy !

Interactive map

Every ships, villages, services, securised entrances and parkings are on the App’s interactive map.


Everything you can do during the Armada a an informative sheets to present a place, indicate opening hours or explaining marine vocabulary.


Somewhere you want to go to? Fernand indicate you the right way and get you through securised entrance.



: You want to go to a concert or to see a ceremony ? Program a reminder so that you do not forget anything.

Every services

Find a boat cruise, book a hotel room or follow Armada daily news. Everything is possible with this app.

Best deals

There are so much things to during the Armada ! Fernand has selected best deals for you to eat, drink or have fun.

The app in video
Find out the presentation of the app

Frequently Asked Questions

In this app you can get informations about ships, shops, events, and every activities on quaysides during the Armada 2019. You can also use this app to be guided to the places you want to go.

You can use it with every Android prior to Android 5.0 or iOS smartphones

You just need internet for your first use but, then, it will work offline.

Fernand of Rouen is the Armada 2019 official character. On the app, he is your personal companion to visit quaysides where he’ll inform you the better way.

ARY is an augmented visit guide dedicated to the discovery of Rouen. He’s your personal companion for the visit of downtown where he will tell you the history of the monuments.

Many informations of many kinds. For the ships, you can read their history, datas about the boat and the crew, opening time and photos. For the villages, you can know the shops you will find there if there is a festivities planning, and so on. Finally, about events, you have starting time at your disposal, the presentation of each shows and concerts.

The Armada 2019 part of the app is completely free. You only have to pay for the visits of Rouen’s monuments.

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Off to the sea!

Until June 17th, Armada 2019 by ARY is available for downloading. After the event, visits of Rouen continue and the App get back is usual name : ARY !

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