Capital of Normandy


Between the half-timbred streets, the places as calms as charismatics and the vestiges of the Norman medieval golden age. We can’t say anymore that Rouen is charming, it has style! 


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Specially made for you by ARY, guided tours let you visit Discovery Places linked with their thematic.
They group same time buildings or let you walk on the footstep of a historical figure.
Immersion is guarantied !

Discovery Places

Gros Horloge

The mechanical heart of Rouen since 1389

Fine Arts Museum

The Norman standing about art and literature


A royal castle between France and England

Ironwork Museum

A lace of stone and metal


A blazing recall of the Maid of Orleans

Saint Joan of Arc Church

Defying the architectural religious agreements

Saint Maclou Church

Transform the eternal fire into magnificent stone

Marégraphes Space

From port utilities to leisure facilities

Gustave Flaubert Bridge

Europe's higher lift bridge

Chai à vin

The grapes of Rouen's trade

Rollet Peninsula

A green peninsula born from black island's ashes

Metropolis Headquarter

The modernity of an ancestral capital

Saint Sever Garden

A meadow for Seine's loves

Rollo statue

The founder of Normandy

Saint-Pierre-du-Châtel ruins

Vestiges of a church, memory of a castle

Boieldieu bridge

A bridge between sea and river

Normandy Parliament

From the Exchequer to a courthouse

Bourgtheroulde mansion house

Norman nobility's jewel

Cathedral Notre-Dame of Rouen

Its height isn't the only source of its greatness

Former City Hall

Ancestral headquarters of Rouen Municipality

Saint Romain Street

A trip in the ancient town

Archbishops’ Palace

Historial Jeanne d'Arc

Antiquities Garden

Here lies deceased monuments

Rouen Railway Station

Where travellers go and time stops

Saint Ouen Abbey

The calm of stone, the music of eternity

Albane Garden

A radiant greenery in the shadow of the Cathedral